13 Facts About Irvine, California

The city of Irvine is said to be a relatively Young place. However, this could be true; there is a lot about it that is mind-boggling. Its incorporation happened less than 50 years ago, and people started inhabiting it in 1971. However, its rich heritage goes back to 1864. This was when James Irvine bought the land. It was initially a ranch that occupied 100, 000 Acres but has changed into a well-planned village.

There is no need to look for history books to know more about this wonderful city’s facts. This article reveals 13 facts about it. So stay on this page if you do not want to miss any of the facts. 

  1. The Turtle Rock

A huge rock resembles a turtle whose head seems to poke out of its shell. It stands alone on the hillside as it overlooks the UCI campus. A long time ago, the Turtle Rock was used as a holy ground for the villagers. But it is now sitting in a park that is surrounded by nice condos. The village where it sits bears its name, Turtle Rock!

  • The Irvine Ranch was the spot where The Velocity of Light was measured.

Back in 1929, a vacuum tube for measuring the speed of light was put up on James Irvine ranch by Albert Michelson- an award-winning physicist. Up to date, the same equipment stands in the ranch, and it is still used to measure the speed of light. It is indeed one thing you wouldn’t want to miss to see once you visit Irvine.

  • It was chosen as the best place in 2008

Irvine has been chosen severally as the best place to live in the United States. This is because it has good housing, jobs and schools. In the year 2012, it ranked sixth in the US.

  • 5th Best City

In the year 2011, Irvine was listed as the 5th city that offered the best living spot by Businessweek.

  • It was once inhabited by the Gabrieleno group.

About 2000 year ago, Irvine was said to have been inhabited by the Gabrieleno indigenous group.

  • It has twins!

Irvine is twinned with Taiyuan, Taiwan, Tsukuba, Japan, and Hermosillo, Mexico. Literally, it has three twins around the world.

  • Irvine Enjoys a Mediterranean climate.

Just like other cities situated in coastal southern California, Irvine has a Mediterranean climate.

  • Once recorded the lowest crime rate.

The FBI revealed that Irvine had the lowest crime rate in 2010. This rate was given for all US cities which had a population of more than 100, 000.

  • 7th Highest in median income

The US Census Bureau announced that Irvine scooped number 7 among the cities which had the highest median income in the US. This tally was conducted in August 2008 for all US Cities with 65 000+ in population.

  1. The Irvine Global Village Festival

This is a festival that is celebrated by all Irvine citizens to mark the diversity among its residents and those of Orange County.  During this festival, local merchants exhibit their items. Besides, the various cultures showcase their different forms of entertainment and a lot of food from various parts of the world is availed.

  1. Home to Celebrities

Irvine is the home to renowned celebrities such as actress-model Jeanne Carmen, and Lindsay Davenport -who is a professional tennis star.

  1. Most top-rated films were made here.

Yes, Irvine had productions of Iron Man, Ocean’s Eleven and Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous made in its serene land and sea. Such films were fully or perhaps partially filmed in Irvine.

  1. Named after James Irvine

This piece of land was bought by James Irvine a long time ago. He bought it for ranching purposes, but it was later named after him.


There is a lot to enjoy in Irvine. All these are the various facts that you should know. If you want to get to know more about this adorable city, it would be best if you planned a visit. Mingling with its residents would give you more facts and fun.