Trampoline Workouts – Get Your Bounce Back

Trampoline Workout

How many of us have made a New Year’s resolution about fitness and weight loss? We say to ourselves that ‘this year will be the one that sees me finally get in shape – this year is going to be different.’ Here’s a secret no gym owner will tell you – they love New Year’s resolutions – because they know that at least 75% of the people who sign up for a gym membership in a new year are not going to last more than a month. This gives them a great cash injection at the beginning of the year – and ensures that they have enough space to sign up more people when they view your attendance (and the attendance of thousands like you).

Why do people not last the distance when it comes to structured exercise? There are a host of reasons – but one of them must be the fact that exercise, by and large, is a boring business. It simply isn’t fun. This is why many many people are turning to trampoline workouts to get fit, lose weight, as well as tone and shape their bodies in a way that is fun.

How often have you, as an adult watched kids on a jumping castle and thought wistfully – I’d like to do that – it really looks like fun. But leave the jumping castle’s to the kids – and sign up for a trampoline workout. It’s fun – and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. A bonus is that entry-level exercise trampolines can be purchased for under $50- although the more advanced and durable models can be significantly more pricey.

But what are you actually getting for your money? Trampoline workouts are a great way to enjoy the freedom to exercise in your own way and at your own speed. The various movements such as lunges, kicks, squats, jumps and arm movements provide a whole body workout that targets core muscles. It’s great for firming and toning – as well as targeting those problem areas when it comes to losing weight.

Trampoline workouts are also low impact – especially when compared to cardio exercise such as running. this means that the exercise does not place undue stress of the joints (for instance). The ‘rebound’ mat absorbs more of the impact when you land on it – making this form of exercise suitable for all ages and weights. A trampoline workout is not only great to get that body you want – and enjoy cardiovascular health – it’s also a way to fine-tune balance and motor coordination. In fact, this form of exercise is one of the few that prepares our body for the real world. Rather than simply targeting a specific muscle group it provides a full body workout – which is what everyone needs to stay healthy and really enjoy a great quality of life.

So if you need to put the bounce back in your step then investigate trampoline workouts – you will be glad that you did.