The advantages of full body swimsuits

The advantages of full body swimsuits

Swimming is a great way to cool off in the summer and a very benefical form of exercise. However, if you spend every second in the pool making sure that your suit is covering you as necessary, or worry about burning the spaces where sunscreen won’t reach, swimming will cease to be fun.

What’s a Full Body Swimsuit?

A full body swimsuit will cover you from neck to ankles and down to your wrists. It fits not unlike a wetsuit but is a much thinner, more breathable material. If you’re ready to get in the water and swim hard, a full body suit will produce little drag as a suit with shorts or a skirt would. Full body suits fit close to your skin but show little of it.


Full body suits fit snugly and can take some time to get into. However, once you’ve got the suit on and are zipped in, you’ll have both coverage and great flexibility. You can expect full range of motion in your full body suit.

This material breathes, so as the water evaporates from your suit, you will cool off. While inherent UV protection will decrease as most material stretches, these suits are often constructed of UV resistant fabric that will keep your skin safe from the burning, drying and wrinkling power of the sun. Be sure to check the label and the manufacturer’s guarantees that the fabric is inherently UV resistant.

Getting the Right Size

Full body swimsuits are generally sized by weight. If you’re extremely tall, you may be more comfortable in a suit that stops at the elbow and knee to avoid constriction of fabric designed to stop at your wrist cutting into your forearm, or an ankle binding that hits you at mid-calf.

Reducing Resistance

A full body swimsuit will make it easier for you to slip through the water with little drag. While Olympic swimmers and other competitive swimmers are banned from using full body suits, they are allowed to wear long suits without zippers to help them get through the water with as little resistance as possible.

If you’re ready to hit the beach and just want to swim and not fight sun damage, a full body suit is a great choice. Make sure you get a suit with enough zipper length to allow you to get quickly in and out of it for restroom breaks. Confirm the UV resistant capabilities of the fabric.